IAAP Tulsa Branch Webinar

Susan was honored to present a webinar about WordPress basics in an IAAP webinar on May 23, 2019.

Administrative Professionals Embrace Web Design

As a web designer, I am so proud to be inspired by and learn from my administrative professional colleagues! Administrative professionals know that web design skills are in demand for administrative assistants and other office support staff team members. Not only do today’s admins excel at essential communications, organization, and ever-changing office technology skills, they […]

WordPress Comes to Sacramento Area Tech Day

Register to learn WordPress Now My presentation of Use WordPress to Activate Your Business is coming up soon! I will speak on June 18 at City Hall in Rancho Cordova, California, as part of the Sacramento area Technology to Advance Your Career event. The event is sponsored by the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Those attending will […]

WordPress Theme Choice Can Be Refreshing

Don’t forget that you can quickly refresh the look of your website by changing its WordPress theme. WordPress themes provide a template for your site’s posts and pages. 1. Install a new theme You can find a new free WordPress theme by logging into your dashboard and navigating to Appearance > Themes.  Then, click on the […]

Important! Back Up Your WordPress Database

Backing up your WordPress database is critical to recovering your website following a system crash. You should either have an automated system in place to back your site up or, on a regular basis, follow the steps I will show you in the video below. Keep in mind that the steps I will show you […]

Website visitor statistics are a good thing

Some people like to work with numbers, and many people do not. That’s OK. But, on the Web, your website visitor statistics can lead to a better return on the investment you have made on your website. Start with the basics. Install a system like the free version of Google Analytics or Statcounter (also free) on […]

Respond to Mobile Growth

Does your website work as well and look as good on your cell phone as it does on your desktop or laptop? If not, here’s a reason to make your site more mobile friendly. In 2014, mobile Internet use topped desktop Internet use for the first time according to at least one study. In 2015, […]

WordPress is Easy to Use

The WordPress interface is very easy to learn, and easy to use. Start by selecting a look and feel that is right for you, add your own text, photos, and logo, and you’re half way there. You will have the hang of it in no time Give us a call and we’ll fill you in.