Administrative Professionals Embrace Web Design

As a web designer, I am so proud to be inspired by and learn from my administrative professional colleagues!

Administrative professionals know that web design skills are in demand for administrative assistants and other office support staff team members. Not only do today’s admins excel at essential communications, organization, and ever-changing office technology skills, they deserve congratulations for becoming increasingly adept at website design and development.

Employers often include skills related to the web, and often specifically WordPress, in their list of required skills for admins. On April 13, 2018, for example, the job search website listed 477 jobs that included both of the words assistant and WordPress. I have taught and attended trainings presented by the International Association of Administrative Professionals on web design topics, and I have found that many admins are in tune with the reality that web design is rapidly becoming a basic, rather than outlier, skill for admins. They know that knowledge of coding tools such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and jQuery will give them an important edge in their careers.

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Happy Administrative Professionals Day and Week April 22-28, 2018!


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