WordPress Theme Choice Can Be Refreshing

Don’t forget that you can quickly refresh the look of your website by changing its WordPress theme. WordPress themes provide a template for your site’s posts and pages.

1. Install a new theme

You can find a new free WordPress theme by logging into your dashboard and navigating to Appearance > Themes.  Then, click on the Add New button near the top left of the screen.  From there, you can see a number of popular WordPress themes, and you can search for more using the Feature Filter or Search box near the top of the screen.  When you find a theme you like, hover over its screenshot and click on the blue Install button that appears.

Add WordPress Theme Screen

Thousands of  WordPress themes are available for free, and thousands of others are available for a small fee. WordPress offers roughly 2,000 themes while other services such as CyberChimps, ThemeForest, and TemplateMonster also offer themes with some of them being free.

If you don’t find a theme you like using Add Themes, don’t worry.   So many themes are available an online search should come up with just the right theme for you.  It may be worthwhile to start by typing in something specific to your industry into your favorite search engine.  For example,  “WordPress themes for lawyers,” or “WordPress themes for landscapers.”  Once you find a theme you like, try going back to the Add Themes page pictured above and typing the name of the theme you like into the search box.    If a screenshot of the theme’s home page appears, hover over it and click the blue Install button to install it.  Otherwise, go back to the provider’s website and download it following the provider’s instructions.  Once downloaded, follow these simple instructions from WordPress to install the new theme.

2.  Preview and activate the new theme

Once the new theme is installed, navigate to Appearance > Themes and you should see a screenshot of it there.  Hover over the screenshot and click on the blue Live Preview button.  The system will show you your WordPress site using your posts, pages, photos, menus, and other content.  If you like what you see, click on the blue Save & Activate button near the top left of the screen.  If you don’t like what you see, try making some adjustments using the options provided, such as adding or changing a header image, in the left sidebar.  Again, when you are happy with what you see, click Save & Activate.

3.  Customize your WordPress theme

Once you save and activate your theme, you can continue to customize it by clicking on the Customize tab in the black admin navigation bar that appears at the top of your posts and pages when you are logged in to the administrative section of your WordPress site. Or, go to your dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Customize.  Keep in mind that the Customize options provided in the left sidebar will vary from theme to theme.  You can customize your site beyond the options provided by the theme, but you will likely need to know, or get help with, a little HTML, .php, and .css to do that.

Have fun and keep it fresh!